The open-access database CADIMA is a non-profit internet portal provided and maintained by the Julius Kühn-Institut aiming to increase the transparency and traceability of information in agricultural and environmental sciences. To further explore the functions of CADIMA, please check out the area of your interest by clicking on the respective boxes below

Evidence Synthesis Tool and Database
CADIMA supports the conduct of systematic reviews and evidence/systematic maps by the provision of a freely available online tool that:
  1. guides review authors through the evidence synthesis process,
  2. facilitates the coordination of cooperating team members,
  3. eases steps with considerable workload and
  4. guarantees for its thorough documentation
The evidence synthesis tool was established and is further developed in a close collaboration between the Julius Kühn-Institut and the Collaboration for Environmental Evidence
CADIMA in the media (please cite the following publication when using CADIMA)
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Information hub for
impact assessment of crop genetic improvment technologies
CADIMA offers information services providing
  1. a comprehensive overview and links to providers of information regarding the impact assessment of GMOs (Central Access Point)
  2. open access to raw data from animal feeding trials with whole GM food/feed and alternative approaches generated during associated research activities (Animal Feeding Trials).
  3. services related to specific projects: PreSto GMO-ERA-Net (partly restricted access)

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