Animal feeding trials and alternative in vitro studies

  • Documentation of Evaluation of animal feeding trials and alternative in vitro studies for the assessment of GMO impacts on human health
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 ProjectStudy TypeAnimal ModelCropTraitYear
GRACE90 day feeding trials A and BWistar Han RCC ratMaizeMON8102013
GRACE1-Year oral toxicity studyWistar Han RCC ratMaizeMON8102014/2015
GRACE90 day feeding trials D and EWistar Han RCC ratMaizeMON8102015
GMO90+180-days feeding trialWistar Han RCC ratMaizeMON810/NK6032016
G-TwYST Combined chronic toxicity and carcinogenicity study (Study A)Wistar Han RCC ratMaizeNK6032015-2018
G-TwYST90-day toxicity study (Study C)Wistar Han RCC ratMaizeNK6032017
G-TwYST90-day toxicity study (Study B)Wistar Han RCC ratMaizeNK6032015