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Systematic reviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2021-08-24)
Systematic review and meta-analyses of lead (Pb) concentrations in ambient air in India during 2000 to 2020. Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2021-12-22)
systematic review and meta-analysis of ultrasound metrics in DDH diagnosticsSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-10-04)
Systematic Review and Text Mining of Perceptions of Public Sector Reforms in Peer-reviewed Scientific LiteratureSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2021-03-15)
Systematic Review corrected Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-12-17)
Systematic review in preclinical DBS for epilepsySystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-01-10)
Systematic Review of Existing Cardiometabolic Risk Algorithms and Their Applicability in First-Episode PsychosisSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2019-09-10)
Systematic review of hematophagous arthropods present in cattle breeding in metropolitan France (including Corsica)Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-08-24)
Systematic Review of Imitation Behavior Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2021-05-05)
systematic review of IQ/cognition and cadmiumSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-06-21)
Systematic Review of MOO on MaintenanceSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2020-01-07)
Systematic review of the effect of music for improvement in depression and low mood in older adults living in care homes.Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2020-10-08)
Systematic review on Internet-based CBT for the treatment of insomniaSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-07-03)
Systematic review on the effects of bulb type and trap height on light trapping night flying lepidopteraSystematic Reviewcompleted
(Last update: 2022-03-18)
Systematic Review Protocol for the PFBA, PFHxA, PFHxS, PFNA, and PFDA IRIS AssessmentsSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2019-12-25)
Systematic Review Protocol for the PFBA, PFHxA, PFHxS, PFNA, and PFDA IRIS AssessmentsSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2019-12-25)
Systematic Review_IKI-TUC Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-06-21)
Systematic scoping review on the definitions, models, measures, and related constructs of sustainable careerSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-11-13)
Systemic Review of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Infantum Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2021-07-05)
systems thinking and covid-19Evidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-05-15)
Talent management for competitive advantageSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2021-12-24)
Talent management for competitive advantageSystematic Reviewpublished
(Last update: 2021-12-28)
Taraxacum kok. in progress
(Last update: 2021-01-21)
Tarax_19022020Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2020-02-24)
Tasks and Deliverables Literature ReviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2020-05-17)
TCCSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-09-29)
teacher's abilitySystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-03-11)
Teachers and pre-service teachers' scientific competencies: a methodological development for a systematic review.Systematic Reviewcompleted
(Last update: 2023-02-06)
Teenage pregnancy and social determinants, West AfricaSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2021-12-15)
Telemonitoring Systematic Review_PhDSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-10-19)
test Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-05-02)
testSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-03-02)
TestSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2021-12-14)
TestSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-05-27)
test edwinEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2019-12-24)
Test Run Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-01-17)
Test test testSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-10-30)
TesteSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-01-27)
testeSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-02-10)
teste com 3 capa Evidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2021-04-07)
testingSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-04-05)
TestingSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-10-31)
test_antonSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-06-29)
Test_Masterarbeit_Perturb Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-01-11)
The analysis about policy of Transitional Kindergarten in California elementary school?A systematic review and meta analysisEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2022-07-22)
the contribution of executive functions to reading comprehension Systematic Reviewcompleted
(Last update: 2022-07-20)
The educational outcomes of violence: a scoping review and evidence map of research based in South AmericaEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-11-07)
The effect of exercise-based interventions on physical function and health-related quality of life in lung cancer survivors: a systematic review and meta-analysisSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-01-14)
The effect of fatigue on working memorySystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-05-21)
The effect of Intimate Partner Violence on women’s mental health in marriage-based settingSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-07-11)
The effectiveness and safety of acupuncture for obesitySystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2019-07-18)
the effectiveness of clinical network on patient outcome and quality of careSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-01-24)
The effects of warming on mineral-associated C formationSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2020-12-11)
The Impact of Bevacizumab on Cardiac Metabolic Activity : A Meta Analysis.Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-09-16)
the impact of French short-time work scheme on household incomes.Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-03-10)
The importance of well conducted comminication in Cancer populationSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-07-02)
the influence of psychological factors on social participation among elderlySystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2020-05-12)
The influence of stress and burnout on job satisfaction of health workers’  Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-06-16)
The measurement properties of CHAMPS physical activity questionnaire: A systematic reviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2021-09-24)
The monitoring of adolescent physical activity in low middle income countriesEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-08-17)
The representation of ethnic minority groups in UK child and adolescent intervention research on conduct disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: a scoping review Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-08-09)
The representation of ethnic minority groups in UK child and adolescent intervention research on conduct disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: a scoping review-old Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-06-27)
The role of adjuvant chemotherapy in patients with resected high-risk NRST patients: A systematic reviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-04-05)
(Last update: 2023-07-07)
The role of sentinel laboratories in genomic surveillance of foodborne diseases Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-01-22)
(Last update: 2019-04-16)
The Taste of LoveSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-07-05)
Thematic Review of Tactical Planning (called in literature S&OP abbreviation of Sales and Operation Planning)Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-03-19)
thesisSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-12-17)
Tinjuan Sistematis Potensi Antidiabetes Kacang Gude (Cajanus cajan) dan Strategi PengembangannyaSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-11-30)
TMS-PhosphenesSystematic Reviewpublished
(Last update: 2023-05-24)
To what extent does surrounding landscape fragmentation explain stand level occurrence of conservation relevant species in boreal and hemi-boreal forest?Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-11-23)
Tofacitinib for RASystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-11-15)
Toma de decisiones en pre-adopción y adopción de tecnologíaSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-06-19)
Tools to observe interprofessional bedside rounds: A systematic scoping review (V2)Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-02-04)
topology optimization AND (application OR method OR algorithm)Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-06-29)
topology-optimization AND applicationSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-06-29)
topology-optimization AND medical OR dental OR orthopedicEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2022-07-04)
Transdiagnostic treatments for refugeesSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2021-03-08)
Translational LC Evidence LevelSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2021-07-05)
Trauma IntergeneracionalSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-05-30)
Treatment for Partial Rotator Cuff LesionsSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-09-25)
Treatment of PTSD in Natural DisastersEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-06-28)
Trends in educational research in Bhutan- the past, present and future.Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2021-01-17)
TRIAL - IGNORE - Systematic scoping review on the definitions, models, measures, and related constructs of sustainable careerSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-10-27)
Trial CHWsSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-05-02)
Triathlon: predicting factors for cardiorespiratory fitness and performance, a systematic reviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-02-17)
TRY CROSS N 4Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-04-29)
UCL Masters Thesis: Systematic Review (tDCS)Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2020-05-12)
UPDATED version - "Efficacy and safety of infliximab biosimilar (with concomitant methotrexate) for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis in adult patients who did not adequately respond to standard therapy with DMARDs"Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2021-07-19)
UploadSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2020-03-17)
Urban Storm Assignment Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-01-05)
Use of biomarker tests in diagnosis of bacterial infection in children presenting to the hospital with a febrile temperature in Sub-Saharan Africa: Systematic ReviewEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2022-10-02)
Use of intravesical therapies for treatment of urological conditions: systematic literature review.Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2019-12-03)
Use of microbubbles to non invasively measure intracardiac pressure Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-07-07)
Using the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework to identify Occupational Therapy interventions used to manage occupational performance in people with Guillain-Barre Syndrome.Evidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2022-09-10)
Utility of Salivary biomarkers in HPV-associated OSCC - a systematic reviewEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-08-10)
v15.11.23 Impact of consumption of fermented foods on bone health in adults with osteoporosis and osteopenia: a systematic reviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-12-01)
Validity in AI-based educationSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-09-11)
Value Relevance of Accounting Information and Non Information in Capital MarketEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-03-24)
Ventriculo-peritoneal shunt, infection reviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-04-13)
virus antibody testingEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2020-06-17)
Visual impairment in PDSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-06-08)
WEAI AfricaSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-12-11)
Wet Carbon Systems ReviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-02-23)
What are the causes of deforestation and forest degradation in the Philippines?Evidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2021-02-09)
What are the distribution and prevalence of viruses in the rodent species Peromyscus leuocopus?Evidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-04-05)
What are the effectiveness of train the trainers on money laundering reduction in sub-Saharan banking institutionsSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2019-04-03)
What are the features of effective school based interventions to prevent adolescent obesitySystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-06-06)
What are the illness and injury profiles in the older Paralympian?Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-09-20)
What are the impacts of Marine Renewable Energy on the marine environment?Evidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2022-09-28)
What are the key characteristics of nature-based solutions for addressing urban challenges?Evidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2022-05-13)
What are the key principles of societal resilience?Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2021-08-26)
What chemicals migrate and/or are extractable from food contact materials and articles?Evidence Mapcompleted
(Last update: 2023-11-09)
What evidence exists about the impact of delayed hay cutting on bird population? – A Systematic Map ProtocolEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-11-29)
What factors affect societal trust in science?Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-10-03)
What is the available evidence for the application of genome editing as a new tool for plant trait modification and the potential occurrence of associated off?target effects?Evidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-11-02)
What is the effectiveness of manual therapy either as either a standalone or as part of a combined treatment regimen in the management of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJD)?Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-07-11)
what is the effectiveness of train the trainers on money laundering reduction in sub-saharan Banking institutions.Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2019-04-04)
What is the effectiveness of train the trainers on money laundering reduction in Sub-Saharan Banking institutionsSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2019-04-04)
What is the effectiveness of using conspecific or heterospecific acoustic playbacks for the attraction of animals for wildlife management?Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2019-08-13)
What is the evidence documenting the impact of marine or coastal nature conservation or management activities on human well-being in developing countries in SE Asia? A systematic map protocolEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2018-11-02)
What is the Influence of Disaster-Safe Education on Earthquake Disaster Mitigation Preparedness of StudentSystematic Reviewcompleted
(Last update: 2023-11-17)
What is the nature of sleep and circadian rhythm health on gastrointestinal microbiota? A systematic review of studies in humans.Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-11-29)
What is the typical size of an Armillaria genet, and how does this vary in a species dependent context?Evidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-04-26)
What linkages have been researched between the marine environment and human health? A systematic map protocolEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2018-06-14)
What we know about green nudges ?Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-09-07)
Which factors contribute to health problems among employees of small and medium enterprises?Evidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2019-06-10)
Which Factors impact Consumer Purchasing Decisions towards Battery Electric Vehicles?Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2020-07-30)
Which interferon stimulated genes are important for control of RSV infection in children under 5 years?Evidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2021-02-05)
WHO workEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-11-04)
Work related experiences of forensic mental health service users discharged back into the community: a scoping reviewEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-01-16)
Work related experiences of forensic mental health service users discharged back into the community: a scoping reviewEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-01-16)
Workaholism and sleepSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-06-22)
Working memory network plasticity after exercise intervention detected by task and resting-state functional MRI in progress
(Last update: 2021-08-23)
workplace aggression - a systematic reviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-10-12)
zanadio Update 23 / 24 - App based Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-11-21)
Zero human rabies deaths by 2030: Where does India stand?Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-06-30)
_Trends and Priorities in Tropical Forest Vegetation Dynamics: A ReviewEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-09-21)
“Block mode” and its association to performance and stress for university students: A systematic review Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-05-08)