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To what extent does surrounding landscape fragmentation explain stand level occurrence of conservation relevant species in boreal and hemi-boreal forest?Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2024-02-13)
Triathlon: predicting factors for cardiorespiratory fitness and performance, a systematic reviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-02-17)
Prueba ColangiopancreatoscopiaSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-05-31)
HRO Systematic ReviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-02-06)
Community-acquired Pneumonia Evidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2022-03-05)
influential factors of WTCSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-02-09)
streptococcus pneumoniae vaccineSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-02-12)
multimodalSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-02-12)
OUTDATED: What does the literature say about how Trans and Gender Diverse (TGD) Children (ages 0-11) understand their gender identity? Evidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2022-03-15)
0-doseEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2022-02-22)
Pediatric OsteosarcomaSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-02-25)
cannabis and suicide Evidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2022-02-25)
Comparison between intracardiac echocardiography (ICE) and transoesophageal echocardiogram (TOE) guided percutaneous transcatheter closure of atrial septal defect (ASD) and patent foramen ovale (PFO): a systematic review and meta-analysis.Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-03-01)
testSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-03-02)
teacher's abilitySystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-03-11)
Ethics of data analysisEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2022-03-04)
LM SR second update marc 2022Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-03-05)
IVERMECTIN Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-03-06)
IVERMECTIN META Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-03-06)
Quantifying renewable energy sources’ impact on biosphere integrity: A reviewSystematic Reviewcompleted
(Last update: 2023-11-02)
ability2Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-03-09)
Culture of assessment & faculty development in progress
(Last update: 2022-03-09)
ORIGINALSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-06-11)
(Last update: 2022-03-10)
How feedback frequency influences the effect of knowledge of performance (KP) on motor skill learning?Systematic Reviewcompleted
(Last update: 2022-09-07)
Systematic review on the effects of bulb type and trap height on light trapping night flying lepidopteraSystematic Reviewcompleted
(Last update: 2022-03-18)
Literature Air PollutionSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-03-13)
Glycine for post stroke Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-02-10)
Diversity and performanceSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-03-16)
Micropulse Laser Trabeculoplasty vs. Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty for Treatment of Primary Open Angle Glaucoma and Ocular HypertensionSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-03-16)
Ventriculo-peritoneal shunt, infection reviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-04-13)
Systematic review of hematophagous arthropods present in cattle breeding in metropolitan France (including Corsica)Systematic Reviewpublished
(Last update: 2024-03-08)
diversity effects on workplace outcomesSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-03-23)
Circular economy in central asiaSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-03-30)
PhD in Project Management Systematic Reviewpublished
(Last update: 2022-04-01)
Relationship between preoperative physical performance and postoperative outcomes in cancer patients in progress
(Last update: 2022-04-01)
Effect of yoga nidra on emotional and spiritual intelligenceEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2022-04-04)
PHD RESEARCHSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-10-29)
The role of adjuvant chemotherapy in patients with resected high-risk NRST patients: A systematic reviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-04-05)
Depressão, sistema serotoninérgico, vitamina D e camundongos Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-11-11)
Depressão, adolescentes e vitamina DSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-11-11)
Calidad de vida en la vivienda colaborativa para personas mayoresSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-09-04)
Chrono-nutrition effect on sleep: a systematic reviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-04-18)
psychological intervention for narcolepsySystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-04-19)
hydrological modelsEvidence Mappublished
(Last update: 2022-04-20)
knowledge Evidence Mappublished
(Last update: 2022-04-23)
Lived experiences of young men living with Autism Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-04-25)
Changes in organization and employment conditions of SMEs as a result of COVID - 19Evidence Mappublished
(Last update: 2022-04-24)
IMPACT testEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2022-05-19)
The educational outcomes of violence: a scoping review and evidence map of research based in South AmericaEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2024-05-25)
OCD OrganicSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2024-04-10)
A SLR of Automated Feedback based on AI for Introductory ProgrammingSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-02-16)
Trial CHWsSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-05-02)
NS Cognition ReviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-03-03)
"Heuristics and biases"Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-05-06)
Entrepreneurship Education in IndiaSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-05-11)
An electronic software with demonstrated efficacy by RCT for assessing the presence OR severity of a clinical disorderEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2022-05-16)
reVIEWSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-12-14)
Impact of Grouper PolicySystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-05-25)
TestSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-05-27)
SCBSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-05-30)
EDUGAME PT ASD Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-05-30)
Contextual diversity, lexical processing and word learning - a scoping reviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-05-30)
Clinical networkSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-08-02)
A Systematic Review of the Influence of Social Media on COVID-19 Vaccine Perception and AcceptanceSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-06-02)
Aminocapronic and tranexamic acids in SarsCov 2Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-06-02)
childhood obesity and parents attitudesSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-06-02)
The influence of stress and burnout on job satisfaction of health workers’  Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-06-16)
Cow wearablesSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-06-10)
Dopamine and dobutamine used in the treatement of cardiogenic shockSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-07-09)
employee engagement and team performanceSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-06-12)
How effective are middle school based suicide preventionsSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-06-21)
Frailty and its impact on outcomes after a stroke or transient ischaemic attack: a systematic reviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-06-15)
Systematic Review_IKI-TUC Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-06-21)
How effective are middle school based suicide prevention? Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-06-17)
MASystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-06-30)
A Systematic Review and Meta Analysis of the Prevalence of Phylogenetic and Antimicrobial Resistance of Bacterial Contamination of Street Vended FoodSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-07-19)
(Last update: 2022-06-28)
topology-optimization AND applicationSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-06-29)
What are the distribution and prevalence of viruses in the rodent species Peromyscus leuocopus?Evidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2024-04-05)
topology optimization AND (application OR method OR algorithm)Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-06-29)
topology-optimization AND medical OR dental OR orthopedicEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2022-07-04)
the contribution of executive functions to reading comprehension Systematic Reviewcompleted
(Last update: 2022-07-20)
Map of research into reproductive performance of female cattle in East AfricaEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-10-17)
Foreign Language AnxietyEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2022-07-01)
MA3Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2024-03-22)
Design Thinking in software developmentSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-01-04)
Impact of Celebrity Endorsers on Brand Conscious Customers and Their Purchase Intention in The Cosmetic Industry in Sri LankaSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-07-02)
Bioplastics from FW Evidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-01-13)
The importance of well conducted comminication in Cancer populationSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-07-02)
Systematic review on Internet-based CBT for the treatment of insomniaSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-07-03)
Cognitively Inspired Study of Student's Eye Movements for Computer Programming Assessments: A Systematic Literature ReviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-08-01)
ICT AgricultureSystematic Reviewpublished
(Last update: 2022-07-09)
ICT in agricultureSystematic Reviewpublished
(Last update: 2022-07-09)
Standards and FWs of ML model development and reporting in medicine: Systematic reviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-08-03)
Laser Therapy and Hypertrophic ScarSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-07-11)
The effect of Intimate Partner Violence on women’s mental health in marriage-based settingSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-07-11)
The analysis about policy of Transitional Kindergarten in California elementary school?A systematic review and meta analysisEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2022-07-22)
SLR: Methods of operative service planning Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-07-12)
ict agricultureSystematic Reviewpublished
(Last update: 2022-07-13)
A systematic review of cardiac in-silico clinical trialsSystematic Reviewpublished
(Last update: 2023-06-30)
MPO Procotyl PSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-07-15)
(Cactus OR Prickly) AND Seed AND OilSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-07-29)
Are AI-based mHealth applications a viable option for treatment of mild depression? How do they compare with conventional therapy? Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-09-26)
the effectiveness of clinical network on patient outcome and quality of careSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-01-24)
Surveillance strategies used to monitor injuries in amateur and professional cricket players: an integrative reviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-09-19)
FEP systematic reviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-08-08)
Efficacy of different drugs on amylotrophic lateral sclerosisSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-08-08)
Ethnic Bias in Teacher Evaluations of Minority Students' School Achievements: A Meta-Analytic ReviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2024-04-23)
4D Flow CMR quantification methods to understand the abnormal hemodynamics of the thoracic aorta in Marfan Syndrome and Bicuspid Aortic Valve: A Systematic Review Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-08-09)
Ca2+ ADSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-08-10)
Health disparitiesEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2024-05-22)
Safety and immunogenicity of JE vaccineSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-11-24)
Use of biomarker tests in diagnosis of bacterial infection in children presenting to the hospital with a febrile temperature in Sub-Saharan Africa: Systematic ReviewEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2022-10-02)
Melanoma and gallbladderSystematic Reviewpublished
(Last update: 2022-08-19)
Gender and AqFS KIT Paper ReviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-09-19)
Search engine optimizationSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-08-24)
Immunological Non-Response to Anti-Retroviral among People Living with HIV Evidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2022-08-25)
Effects of game-based/virtual reality exercises on cognitive functionSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-08-29)
Relación entre la pérdida de audición, tinnitus y mareos causados ??y el SARS-CoV-2Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-08-30)
Renal Replacement Therapy in Intensive Care and Emergency MedicineEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2022-09-20)
Medical Adherence in Rhinological Diseases Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-09-01)
What we know about green nudges ?Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-09-07)
SHIITAKE-REISHI-MAITAKESystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2024-04-17)
Interventions related to sexuality for autistics Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-02-16)
Using the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework to identify Occupational Therapy interventions used to manage occupational performance in people with Guillain-Barre Syndrome.Evidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2022-09-10)
3 Step Theory of Suicide: A Scoping Review of the Existing Literature in progress
(Last update: 2022-11-16)
Prueba Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-09-21)
Decumulation among the RetiredSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-09-25)
How effective video games or virtual reality can be for reducing symptoms of cognitive deficit in association with ADHD in children and adolescents?Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-06-09)
Systematic Literature Review on E-Learning and factors affecting its adoption in IndiaSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-09-26)
education of unaccompanied minor refugeesSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-09-26)
Perceived customer dependency on salespersonSystematic Reviewpublished
(Last update: 2022-09-27)
Fiat Digital MoneySystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-09-28)
What are the impacts of Marine Renewable Energy on the marine environment?Evidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2022-09-28)
Mass balance of ice sheets in AntarcticaSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-09-28)
Review_ParisUrbanEx_revisedSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-10-07)
Intervenciones en Bullying EscolarSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-07-01)
What factors affect societal trust in science?Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-10-03)
Arsenic Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-10-04)
Digital nomadsSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-10-30)
Exploring the impact of gender stereotyping on male victims of intimate partner violence Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-10-17)
CEBM -Test 1Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-11-07)
CreditSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-10-23)
CEBM -Updated search strings Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-11-12)
Math ASDSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-10-27)
Measuring of Tax LiteracyEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2024-03-15)
SLR_TANDEM 2022_v02Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2024-04-30)
CEBM -Updated search strings 1Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-11-12)
Social network and teachers' professional developmentSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2024-05-01)
Work related experiences of forensic mental health service users discharged back into the community: a scoping reviewEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-01-16)
Marginal community in emerging smart cities:when accessing to urban service:a systematic literature mapping studyEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-02-28)
Cognitive decline and older adultsSystematic Reviewpublished
(Last update: 2022-11-09)
IBD dual therapySystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-11-09)
A systematic mapping study on quantum software engineeringEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2024-04-15)
Frequency and causes of misdiagnosed diabetes in children. A scoping reviewEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-01-09)
kerbau nasionalSystematic Reviewpublished
(Last update: 2022-12-21)
REDD+ conceptSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2024-04-02)
PKMSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-11-15)
Methods and approached used to quantify carbon in aboveground biomassEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2022-11-18)
Systematic Review corrected Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-12-17)
REDD+ institutionSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-04-28)
Epidemiology of Traumatic Brain Injury in South Asia: A systematic reviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-09-04)
big data and smart climate agriculture Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-11-22)
Probedurchlauf KodierungSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-11-29)
Comparing STEM and ESD competencies and instructional practicesSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-11-23)
Ambiant air quality assessment in and around Hyderabad using GIS techniquesEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2022-11-23)
Modelo de negocio de Comercio justo en la papa nativaEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2022-12-25)
A scoping review in antimicrobial resistanceSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-11-29)
Potential neuroimaging biomarkers in bipolar disorder. Scoping reviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-01-10)
BGN Gene Meat Quality of SheepSystematic Reviewpublished
(Last update: 2022-11-30)
Insecticidal susceptibility and resistance of Phytochemicals over Synthetic Larvicides against Mosquito species(Diptera): A ReviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-12-02)
Saccadic Eye Movements In Motor Neurone DiseaseSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2024-05-10)
Responsible exit of humanitarian aid agencies: a scoping review Evidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2022-12-07)
workplace aggression - a systematic reviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2024-04-25)
TMS-PhosphenesSystematic Reviewpublished
(Last update: 2023-05-24)
REDD+ institution Brazil in progress
(Last update: 2023-02-21)
Breast cancer managementSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-04-20)
stabilized subgrade pavementSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-12-10)
WEAI AfricaSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-12-11)
thesisSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-12-17)
Coping strategySystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-07-06)
determinants of patient satisfaction: a systematic reviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-12-20)
Adolescent and young people’s health and development Evidence Mappublished
(Last update: 2022-12-20)
Urban Storm Assignment Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-01-05)
practical titleSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-12-25)
Premalignant and malignant lesions of the cervix in renal transplant patients- A systematic review (2)Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2022-12-27)
institutional framework Dr Manne in progress
(Last update: 2022-12-27)
presence of pathogens in milk and traditional cheese at worldwide Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-01-01)
Desarrollo de Habilidades Socioemocionales en Estudiantes Universitarios en Cursos de Aprendizaje Híbrido: Revisión Sistemática Systematic Reviewcompleted
(Last update: 2023-12-07)
Control Systems for multiport DC-DC power converters applied to photovoltaic panels. in progress
(Last update: 2023-01-10)
Suitability of Legacy Software System for Cloud migrationSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2024-02-14)
SScan, Environmental Scanning, Competitive Intelligence CooperativeSystematic Reviewcompleted
(Last update: 2023-06-13)
Disability and support* employment and inclusive leadershipSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2024-04-30)
Systematic review in preclinical DBS for epilepsySystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-01-10)
Test_Masterarbeit_Perturb Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-01-11)
Masterarbeit PerturbSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-01-11)
Workaholism and sleepSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-06-22)
provaSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-01-13)
BETADINE IN COVID 19 Evidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-01-15)
GAMT-DEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-01-16)
Work related experiences of forensic mental health service users discharged back into the community: a scoping reviewEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-01-16)
Scientific productivity in Brain Computer Interfase (BCI) in Latin America: a scientometrics perspectivSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-07-07)
The role of sentinel laboratories in genomic surveillance of foodborne diseases Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-01-22)
Compute OrchestrationSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-02-21)
pruebaSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-01-21)
Endocrine irAESystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-01-26)
TesteSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-01-27)
Interventions to reduce psychotropics in people with disability: State of the evidenceSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2024-02-02)
Does traumatic brain injury alter the fracture healing rate in experimental animals when compared to those without traumatic brain injury? A Meta-analysisSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-01-30)
Post-pandemic Workplace: Hybrid Work ModelsEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-01-30)
Effective Content Based Video RetrievalSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-01-30)
Depression and Objectively Measured Physical ActivitySystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-02-02)
Depression and Objectively Measured PhysicalSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-02-02)
Mosquito diversity and dog heartworm prevalence in suburban areas.Evidence Mappublished
(Last update: 2023-02-05)
SIPSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-02-06)
Influence des modes de gestion des ressources stratégiques sur les modalités de mise en œuvre des pratiques agroécologiquesSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-04-27)
Efficacy of synbiotic probiotic and prebiotic food supplements in improving linear growth in children under age five years in Africa: systematic reviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-02-08)
Factors that facilitate a safe care transition from acute adult inpatient mental health settings to community careEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-02-28)
Entre + SustEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-02-10)
testeSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-02-10)
Opioid Pharmacogenetics in Non-cancer Pain Management Evidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-02-16)
CCT Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-02-17)
laminectomy following spinal cord injury after closed or surgical reduction and without obvious obstruction of spinal canalEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-02-23)
Customer Experience in Last-Mile DeliverySystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-02-28)
Diagnostic accuracy of a testing strategy using serology or PCR for the diagnosis of spotted fever group rickettsioses: a systematic review and meta-analysis Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-12-21)
Irritable Male Syndrome Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-02-24)
PTSD correlated with reduced grey matter hippocampal volumeSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-02-26)
Level II polysomnography: adverse events and recallsSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2024-01-30)
The representation of ethnic minority groups in UK child and adolescent intervention research on conduct disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: a scoping review-old Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-06-27)
Genetics of pediatric pancreatitisSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-06-14)
ScopusSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-05-10)
Is the number line an effective tool to improve mathematical skills? A systematic review and meta-analysis.Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2024-04-22)
Growth Mindset Evidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-03-08)
Irrigation water treatment Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-03-10)
the impact of French short-time work scheme on household incomes.Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-03-10)
ANSSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-10-12)
Psychosocial and Behavioral Impact of Manipulation and Coercive Strategies Employed in Transnational COVID-19 Control MeasuresSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-03-15)
Telemonitoring Systematic Review_PhDSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2024-02-26)
Pharmacological management of cannabis use disorder: A systematic review Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-03-17)
Differences in the Parasympathetic-Sympathetic Activation and Interaction During Relaxation Following Acute Stress in Clinical and Healthy Population Samples as Measured by Heart Rate Variability Markers: a Systematic ReviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2024-02-02)
SLR of the anomaly detection on thme data energy consumption of a smart meterSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-03-19)
reviews of reviewEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-03-26)
MCDT for MCI and Dementia Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-03-30)
Value Relevance of Accounting Information and Non Information in Capital MarketEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-03-24)
testingSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-04-05)
#DíaMundialDelDocente: percepción social de la figura del docente en España a través de TwitterSystematic Reviewpublished
(Last update: 2023-03-25)
Review of reviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-03-26)
Genetic Association and Pathophysiological Role of Apolipoprotein E (APOE) in Alzheimer’s DiseaseSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-04-08)
A rapid realist review of vegetable interventions in crisis settingsSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2024-02-12)
Achieving Sustainable Development Goals: An Exploration of Technology Uses in Tourism.Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-04-25)
A bibliometric study on climate change in economicsSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-03-30)
COVID19 childrenSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-03-30)
mesotheliomaSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-03-30)
Halal Tourism Acceptance Model Among Tourists in AsiaSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-04-01)
Arrhythmia and Stroke in JapanSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-04-02)
international published
(Last update: 2023-04-02)
Musical gestureSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-04-04)
A Review of Remote Sensing Monitoring of Giant Panda National ParkSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-04-04)
Determining criteria contributing to carbon footprint in e-commerce activitiesSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-04-04)
emotional intelligence training in nursingSystematic Reviewpublished
(Last update: 2023-04-06)
Effectiveness of non-pharmacological interventions on pain management in childrenSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-04-08)
Ecological relocation: systematic reviews of empirical studiesEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-04-09)
Ecological relocation: reviews of reviewEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-04-09)
lignocellulose bioconversionSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-04-10)
Adição de (nutracêuticos? funcionais?) a chocolatesSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-09-14)
Child maltreatment and parent-offspring synchronySystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2024-03-25)
scoping review OT interventions for patients diagnosed with TB in progress
(Last update: 2024-02-06)
School-Based Interventions to Mitigate Negative Effects of COVID-19 on Metal Health and Well-being in School-Aged and Adolescent Individuals: A Systematic ReviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-04-11)
Ecological relocation: systematic review_finalEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-04-12)
ecological relocation: review of reviews_finalEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-04-12)
What is the typical size of an Armillaria genet, and how does this vary in a species dependent context?Evidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-04-26)
"The availability of psychosocial intervention for infertility: A Systematic ReviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-04-13)
Treatment for Partial Rotator Cuff LesionsSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-09-25)
Musikkterapi og slagSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-04-13)
Farm women and healthSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2024-04-30)
Physical interventions to interrupt or reduce the spread of respiratory viruses: systematic reviewEvidence Mappublished
(Last update: 2023-04-14)
Ankle range of motion and Sport Related Lower Limb Injuries: A Scoping ReviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-04-17)
Validity in AI-based educationSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-09-11)
History of Childhood Maltreatment and Parent-Offspring SynchronySystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2024-01-16)
v15.11.23 Impact of consumption of fermented foods on bone health in adults with osteoporosis and osteopenia: a systematic reviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2024-02-08)
one: how does intragroup conflict impact the effectiveness and productivity of groups?Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-04-25)
DeduplicacEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-04-21)
GBI multi benefitsSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-04-24)
CBM2 Evidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2024-04-23)
Non-Medical Determinants of Access and Quality of Maternal Health Services in India- a Scoping ReviewEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2024-04-26)
Non-medical determinants of access and quality of maternal health services in India- a scoping reviewEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2024-05-22)
Tinjuan Sistematis Potensi Antidiabetes Kacang Gude (Cajanus cajan) dan Strategi PengembangannyaSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-11-30)
Syst Rev - NIV on CFSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-04-27)
Environmental Justice Concepts, Theories, Principles, Framework, Matrix, and LensEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-04-29)
TRY CROSS N 4Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-04-29)
Trauma IntergeneracionalSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-05-30)
Ontology Evaluation : A Systematic ReviewSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-04-29)
Map of research into reproductive performance of male cattle in East AfricaEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2023-10-17)
The representation of ethnic minority groups in UK child and adolescent intervention research on conduct disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: a scoping review Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-08-09)
test Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-05-02)
Meta-analysis of adaptive instructional support in Collaborative LearningSystematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2024-05-15)
“Block mode” and its association to performance and stress for university students: A systematic review Systematic Reviewin progress
(Last update: 2023-05-08)
Scoping Review: TNAEvidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2024-01-26)
Protocol for a Systematic Evidence Map of the State-Of-The-Art Assessment of Risks related to Chemical Contamination from Abandoned Mine Lands.Evidence Mapin progress
(Last update: 2024-04-19)